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Healthy Weight Calculator
Are you a healthy weight? Find out now with the MoreLife BMI Calculator

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MoreLife is the new name for Carnegie Weight Management (CWM)

Giving people more confidence, more health, more energy and ultimately, more life.

Whether you are already accessing our weight management services as an individual, family or workplace; looking to commission our weight management and health improvement services for your community or business, or if you're looking for a training package for staff or students, you'll find all the information you need right here.

Our Core Services

Our Core Services View all

Young People
We know that being above a healthy weight can be no fun. You aren't on your own, MoreLife has been supporting young people like you for years!
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Healthy families are happy families. We have family clubs up and down the country, sign-up to one near you today! They are free for you and your family!
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Lose a little weight, gain loads more life. Ask your GP to refer you to one of our free 49 week adult specialist weight management programmes!
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MoreLife offer strategic consultancy and deliver corporate packages that make real differences to your organisation through improved staff well-being.
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